Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Maxx and Company part 2

Maxx and Company were about to find out that fresh country air and dairy air were not synonymous, especially when stepping in fresh cow pies.
     Jazz Purr might have warned them, but what people often find olfactorily offensive, dogs usually consider perfume. Jazz Purr applied his perfume liberally. Poor Jazz was destined for numerous baths during his stay at the Dairy Air Bed and Breakfast on the farm.
     Lucky Strike also liked perfume. Her choice was Lily of the Valley and she also applied it liberally, which made Jazz Purr sneeze. When he sneezed his head shook and the rest of his body quickly followed suit, spraying Lucky with whatever he had just rolled in. She and her clothing were also destined for numerous washings. 

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  1. Sweet country aromas, as my family used to call them.