Monday, June 19, 2017

Clyde Maxx Private Eye

My husband and I are writing a series of punny short stories. This is a rough draft of an introduction to some of the main characters.

Clyde Maxx Introduction
Clyde Maxx, A.K.A Madd Maxx, was a one eyed private dick. His wife’s maiden name was Maxi Factor, but she became Maxi Maxx after their hasty marriage. She wasn’t pregnant. She just didn’t want to give Madd time to change his mind.
Her friends referred to her as XX. From her nose to her toes, she was a size double X. Sadly, that didn’t apply to her brain.
They had a dog named Jazz Purr who had an unfortunate propensity for catting around.
Madd’s sidekick was Big Ben. He had a need to sound off every hour and he was only right about twice a day.
Madd’s secretary was Lucky Strike. Without bad luck, she’d have no luck at all.
Their first case was out of town so they made reservations at a Bed and Breakfast they had read about in a brochure that enticed them with a promise of fresh country air. “ Smell our dairy air at the Dairy Air B & B and farm, hosted by the Airedales.”
Jazz Purr was enthused about meeting the Airedales as he was quite a connoisseur of dairy air sniffing.

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