Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I Am a Tree

I am a tree falling in the wilderness.
No one is around to hear me so I make no sound.

I will never make it as an author. But I will keep on writing. I’m perverse that way.

The introvert in me craves and cherishes the solitary part of being an author. I love every aspect of the act and art of writing. From the germ of an idea to the development of the plot and the riveting conclusion, I love it all. I love when my characters tell me how life should, would, and could be, according to them. I love developing an idea into poetry, an article, a short story, a novella, or a full fledged novel. I love improving my craft, the research, the writing seminars, and sharing my offerings with other writers and readers. I have even learned to love the editing and rewriting. I am awed when I see my stories or articles in various publications.

I thank God for allowing me to share a small role in creativity. I am humbled and honored.

Ideally, this article should end with the above paragraph, but life is seldom ideal and I still haven’t explained why I will never make it as an author.

I have been blessed with the words but I don’t have whatever it takes to create the audience to hear the falling tree.

That would take an extroverted personality. To say I am unimpressive as an extrovert, would be flattering myself.

Whenever I have forced myself into a social situation such as public speaking, interviews, or book signings, my body is there but my mind leaves on vacation to some remote island with no way to contact it. Actually, it would be more accurate to say I become my mind and we leave my body behind as a place marker, only to return when the body is back in a secluded safe place. I simply cannot function as an extrovert. I do not enjoy being put on display. A clear, glass, fish bowl is not a good place for an introvert.

I can handle promoting myself and my work on the internet, but the return on my investment of time is inadequate.

So I will continue to write for myself, my family, and my friends. And I will continue to praise God for allowing me to share His toys and sandbox.


  1. Yes indeed. I too will "continue to praise God for allowing me to share His toys and sandbox." I guess I still wish I could make it as an author. But if wishes were fishes, the 5,000 would always be fed.

    1. Thank you, so much Sheila for being a loyal reader and commentator. Truth be told, I would not have handled fame well anyway. I will take this as God's way of looking out for me.