Friday, June 5, 2015

chapter 2 Mike and Deke

Chapter 2
“DEKE! Get your tail out here NOW!”
Oops. Mike must have found his phone. I knew I should have taken the time to remove it from the pool. He would have just thought he forgot it outside.
Yup, he definitely found the phone.
Mike leaned over and fished the phone out of my pool. Holding the dripping phone, he yelled, “What is my phone doing in your pool?”
Does he really expect an answer? He doesn’t understand dog. This seems like a good time for appropriately contrite. I give him my best hangdog look.
“Aww, Deke,” he says, his voice softening. “How do I make you understand we need this thing, Bud? It’s how we get cases and without cases there is no roof over our heads and no food on the table. Does it hurt your ears, when it rings, Bud? Is that why you keep throwing it in water?”
He sat down beside me on the deck and rubbed me behind my ears. “I don’t think there is much chance of salvaging it this time. Well, let’s go get a new one. I could use one with some updated features, anyway.”
While we rode in the Jeep, Mike talked about all of the new stuff he could get on his new phone. He actually sounded excited. That’s what I love about Mike. He always sees the unseen benefits.
We left the cell phone store with a new phone and the retrieved information from the old phone. The downside is now we are on a boring stakeout for Mr. Cheapskate. Mike is struggling to stay awake with another mug of coffee from his largest thermos as I relax beside him. He seems pensive.
Finally, he says, “You know Deke, before you came along, my dad and I worked a lot of the big local cases. Then he retired and shortly afterward, I got you. I think we’re ready to take on some of the bigger cases together, don’t you?”
Finally! I was born ready, Mike. I sat up alertly, and gave him a big wet one on the nose.
He chuckled and said, “I guess that’s a yes. OK I’ll call Alice tomorrow and let her know we’ll work the case she found for us.”
Alice, I love that woman. I dozed off thinking of her belly rubs and lasagna.

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