Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sleuth and Scribe by Deke the Dog

A rough draft of the first chapter of my next book

Chapter 1
Mike and I need to find a case that has some teeth in it. Oh, I freely confess that’s not Mike’s ambition. He’d be content to keep on finding missing people, catching people in divorceable acts, or retrieving lost items. How any sane person can enjoy the second one … well, what can I say, perhaps a clue to that answer lies in the question. My favorite naturally is retrieving anything, because it comes so naturally. As long as those types of cases keep coming in, Mike has little motivation to reach a bit higher for the Frisbee in the sky.
Mike’s getting stressed out since it has been a bit too long between any kind of case. OK, that might be my fault. More on that later. Right now, I need you to understand where I’m coming from. Mike wouldn’t need to work so hard at all these little jobs, if he could land one solid one to put us in gravy for awhile. We need a stockpile of dog biscuits to get us through the lean times. Besides, whatever I haven’t lost or chewed up of my chew toys, have been eaten by Mike’s lawn mower. Those things don’t come cheap, the lawn mower that is.
So back to the reason why we haven’t been getting much work of late. I accidentally dropped Mike’s cell phone in my inflatable wading pool when I recognized the phone number of one of our cheapest customers. Yes, I do know about the old rice in the bag trick to dry them out but there are just so many times you can teach an old cell phone an old trick. The phone has been in the filled pool for the last two days and it has been raining besides. It’s well saturated. I can only hope it doesn’t recover this time.
Maybe then, Mike will be motivated to find a big case that pays the big bones.

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