Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rules of Writing are Made to be Broken

An experienced writer should have a firm grasp on the rules of writing so they may be broken with aplomb and finesse..Every author of acclaim, that I can think of, is a master at breaking the rules. If  a slave to books on writing style, an author has no style to call his or her own.

Creativity and constriction don't play well together.


  1. I used to teach my chess students - some rules should never be broken, and no rules should ever be broken by accident. I guess it works for writing too, and learning the difference is a vital part of learning.

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  3. That seems to apply to a lot of things, Sheila. When you are learning a new skill you need the structure of rules until you have mastered it. At some point you gain the confidence needed to determine what rules must be followed and which ones should be broken to allow you to improve and develop your own style.