Friday, March 27, 2015

Fleeting Ambition

The skies are a cloudless expanse of cerulean. After a week of rain, the weather is an unexpected reward, like discovering money in an old jacket.
   The weather reflects my mood or perhaps my mood is influenced by the weather. Either way, I feel a resurgence of energy and the desire to tackle some nagging chores, if only I can decide where to begin.
   Should I start with the easiest and work my way up? Maybe the most difficult would be a better plan of attack. That way, if I run out of steam quickly, the other chores might be easier handled on a day when I feel less ambitious.
   I decide to make a list of the chores in their order of magnitude.
1. Clean and organize the basement. Well, that would require a consultation with my husband regarding what he was willing to throw away. Almost everything in the basement belongs to him and he is a pack-rat. It’s too nice a day to be stuck in the basement anyway.
2. Clear out the two downstairs bedrooms AKA junk rooms. We have been using them for my husband’s hobbies. Well that’s not going to work, since the only place to put the contents is in the already overflowing basement.
3. Paint the blue bedroom. Not going to happen until it is cleared out. (See number 2).
4. Paint the main floor hallway. That should be easy. I don’t have to move anything to get to the walls. I go down to the basement to get some paint only to discover husband’s junk is piled up in front of the paint cabinet. I can’t move that junk without creating an avalanche of the surrounding junk.

   By now, I’m feeling a waning of my energy. The sky is turning cloudy and threatening to rain. Perhaps, I’ll check out the pockets of our old jackets. Maybe I’ll find some money.


  1. Replies
    1. In this case, nothing was accomplished by prioritizing anyway.

  2. Just writing that list would drain one's energy. You made the right choice in the end.

  3. Hope your pocket search was more successful than the paint search. I'm trying to prioritize washing vs yardwork; are they opposites? Perhaps I'll ponder philosophy instead.

    1. Pondering philosophy is much more fun than yardwork or washing.