Thursday, March 5, 2015

Arizona 1968 vs Florida 1970

I liked Florida better than Arizona. I'm not a big fan of desert creepy crawlies. Our Tucson apartment had a gap under the door that let in sand and small desert creatures. Stink bugs were especially populous. The commissary sold floor wax with built in insecticide. 
   Of course, Florida had the prolific love bugs that turned our burgundy car black every time we parked it.
   Being in the military, we couldn't afford to buy much off base. Those were the days of gas price wars. We could fill the gas tank for $5 even off base. In Tucson, waitresses often worked for tips only, so service was good. A small zoo near the apartment in Tucson had free admission. We visited several times a month to feed the prairie dogs for a quarter. The habitat featured see through glass so we could watch them underground. When we got homesick for snow, we went to Mount Lemon or A mountain. Thanks to my husband's sergeant's wedding gift, we spent our honeymoon at Mount Lemon Lodge.
   We washed our clothes at the laundromat and, to save money, brought the wet clothes back to the apartment to hang them on the clothes line. About two o' clock, we could plan on gully washers so we had to get the clothes off the line by then.
   Our Florida apartment was a bit nicer and newer. It had central air. We had access to washers and dryers in a breezeway. Unfortunately, we also had a stubborn mold growing in a corner of the bedroom. I tried bleach and Lysol to remove it but it kept coming back. Florida was also humid and hot, damn hot, making central air more of a necessity than a luxury. We went to Lithia
Springs often, to swim year round. The water was crystal clear and surrounded by palm trees. Thanksgiving weekend, it was in the 60s and we had the place to ourselves. 
   My favorite memories are of Arizona but I still prefer water over sand.

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