Friday, January 23, 2015

Flickertail & Paint Dreaming of a Caribbean Vacation

“Last night I dreamt we went to the Caribbean and all of the steel drums were missing,” Flickertail the llama told Paint the horse.

“I’ll bet the tourists were unhappy.”

“They were all threatening to leave because they couldn’t listen to island music.”

“Did we find out what happened to the drums?”

“A Sweet Calypso Woman told Yellow Bird the drums were Hot Hot Hot.”

“As in stolen?”

“No, it turned out Three Little Birds, Marianne, and Matilda, were on the Emerald Shores when they noticed the Girl From Ipanema Under The Boardwalk Putting on the Ritz. As she dove Under the Sea she waved a Jamaican Farewell.”

“So she took the drums?”

“The Banana Boat picked her up in St. Thomas and from there took her to Kokomo. The Konga Man finally found My Island Girl in the Kingston Market doing the Limbo Rock.

“What did she say for herself when she was found?”

Don’t Worry, Be Happy. I Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.”

“Did we ever find the steel drums?”

“They were under the Lemon Tree the whole time.”

“Well you do know, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”

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