Wednesday, May 28, 2014


He designed a plane.
Then he built and flew his plane.
But was he content?
No. Not yet. Not he.

So he designed a bigger plane.
He built and flew that plane.
But was he content?
No. Not yet. Not he.

So he designed a faster plane.
He built and flew that plane.
But was he content?
No. Not yet. Not he.

He designed a jet
to fly fast and high and free
And he followed Icarus
into the Aegean Sea.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Flickertail & Paint in The Case of the Missing Dandelions

Elsie was distraught when she called the P.I. team of Flickertail the llama and Paint the horse.  Her usually abundant crop of dandelions was nonexistent this year. She would not be able to offer her friends any dandelion stew or wine on their next trip to the moon.

“I can’t imagine what happened to my dandelions. I always have more than enough to satisfy even my most ravenous friends.  Can you help me find my dandelions?”

The snoops agreed to see if they could sniff out any clues. “You can pay us with 10% of any dandelions we recover.”

“Your neighbors seem to have plenty of dandelions in their yards,” Paint observed.
“They always do. Everybody seems to have been blessed with them this year but me.”

Knowing that Wilma was looking for unusual flavors for her Popsicles, Flickertail and Paint decided to pay her a visit. She didn’t have any more than the usual amount of dandelions in her yard, but they were astonished to see her capturing ants. “Surely, you don’t intend to use them in your Popsicles.”
Wilma assured them that she only used the ants for her famous chocolate covered ant treats. “I’m kept quite busy with my ant business this time of year. I don’t have any extra time for developing any new Popsicle flavors.”

Next they went to visit Rita’s cell phone bull. “I don’t even like dandelions,” he told them indignantly.

A little birdie told them that Bhawana was inventing a new tanning lotion to make ladies smooth, nubless legs more beautiful. Could she be using dandelions to add color to the lotion? Bhawana was very cooperative in showing them the ingredients she planned to use. Dandelions were not mentioned.

They had heard that William hated dandelions so they went to visit him next to see if he had nefarious plans for Elsie’s dandelions. He, of course, denied any evil intentions, but he did mention Wilma’s flying cows.  “She doesn’t have to use antibiotics on her cows, because she feeds them dandelion root and garlic to boost their immunity system.”

Flickertail and Paint returned to Wilma’s where they discovered acres of Elsie’s dandelions hidden in back of several huge ant hills.

Thursday, May 15, 2014


When we painted the bathroom ceiling, some of the paint spattered, unnoticed, in the tub and dried. It is really stuck there. It seems no matter how hard I scrub at it, it just stays stuck.

Life is sometimes like that. We make mistakes and we can’t seem to get beyond them to move forward. We remain stuck. We are filled with regrets about the past, about things we can’t change. Perhaps fear or guilt keeps us from moving on with our lives.

We need to love and forgive ourselves and to know that God loves and forgives us. We only need the courage to ask Him. It’s always been His plan for us to move forward.

I believe I will leave one tiny speck of paint to remind me, God does not want me to remain stuck.