Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving with Flickertail, Paint, & G.G.

“You’re putting up the tree already! It’s only Thanksgiving,” said G.G. the cat.
“Paint and Paintbrush are visiting for a few days. They should be here any minute and I thought they’d enjoy decorating the tree,” Flickertail the llama said.
“Oh, I can’t wait to see the baby.”
“So, the filly’s name is Paintbrush? That’s cute,” gobbled William the turkey.
“Well, I haven’t heard what the humans named her but our friend, Sheila came up with a few suggestions and Paint liked Brush best, so she calls her Paintbrush or Brush,” explained Flickertail.
“Hi William,” G.G. said. “How come you’re not in hiding?”
“Hi G.G. Didn’t Flickertail tell you? Mary and Tom decided not to have turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas any more because it makes me nervous.”
“It’s a good thing too because Paint and I were running out of ideas and places to hide him,” said Flickertail.
“I remember you turning him into a peacock last year.” G.G. laughed
“That was my favorite disguise.” William smiled.
A movement at the barn door caught Flickertail’s attention. “Come on in Paint. Did you and Paintbrush have a good trip?”
“Fine,” said Paint. “Hi everybody. Happy Thanksgiving.”
“Happy Thanksgiving!”
"Aww! Paintbrush is beautiful,” G.G. exclaimed.
“Thank you. She’s a bit shy, yet,” said Paint as Paintbrush peeked out from behind her mother.
“We were just about to decorate the tree. Want to help?” asked Flickertail.
“Of course.” Paint picked up one of the larger ornaments in her mouth and placed it on an upper branch as high as she could reach.
“Oops,” said Flickertail. “I can see we are going to have a problem. The tree is too big for any of us to reach the top branches.”
“I can climb up with the smaller ornaments,” offered G.G.
“Maybe Paintbrush would like to help decorate some of the lower branches,” suggested Flickertail, “while Paint and I get the middle branches.”
“I can help Paintbrush,” offered William.
When they had placed all the ornaments, Flickertail looked at the top branch and said to Paint, “Well, what do you think, star or angel this year?”
“Star,” decided Paint. “But how are we going to get it up there?”
“Good question. It’s too big for G.G. to carry and we are too heavy to climb the tree.“
“Can you fly, William?” asked G.G.
“Not high enough. You’d need a wild turkey for that,” explained William.
Paintbrush tugged at her mother’s leg. “What, sweetie?”
“Can you lift me high enough?”
“Yes, you clever girl!”
“Hey, look at me,” yelled G.G. from the top branch. “I’m a star!”
“Good thing we didn’t go with the angel this year, then,” Paint whispered to Flickertail.

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