Saturday, November 22, 2014

Flickertail's New Assistant

“Did I tell you Paint is retiring to raise a family?” Flickertail, the llama asked his human, Mary.
“No, but Norma’s daughter, Tracy mentioned that Paint had a filly earlier this year,” said Mary. “Are you going to close your detective business?”
“I thought I’d look for another assistant first. No one can take Paint’s place and she is already missed but I don’t want to work by myself any more either.”
“What about another partner, like Paint was? Why just an assistant?”
“I want to make sure we work well together before I make that kind of commitment again.”
“Do you have anyone in mind?”
“A few friends but they all come with baggage. Snow wants a 6 to 7 month vacation. She can’t handle the warmth. The teenager who helps you and Tom is leaving for college soon. William, the turkey disappears for a few weeks around Thanksgiving and we don’t see hide or feather of him until after Christmas. Sammy, the skunk covers up any scent of the crime scene. The house dogs, Cookie and Coco, while great scent hounds, never saw a body of water they didn’t want to splash around in.”
“What about Alice’s cat, G.G.? She’s helped you and Paint in the past with several of your cases.”
“I actually have been giving her a lot of thought. Her climbing abilities have proven invaluable and her grey fur makes her practically invisible. She does have a lot of cattitude, though.”
“I find her cattitude charming.”
“It can be a bit wearing, but she does make me laugh and nobody’s purrrfect.”
“I smell a rat,” said Flickertail’s new assistant G.G., the cat.
“Oh, that’s Randy,” said Flickertail as he spied him in the shadows of the barn. “Come over here Randy and I’ll introduce you to G.G..”
Randy shook his head vigorously and scurried under the barn.
“Can I have him for dinner?” asked G.G..
“You can have him to dinner but not for dinner.”
“Why not?” demanded G.G.
“Because we don’t dine on our friends and that’s not negotiable.”
“Oh, ALRIGHT.”  G.G. stamped her foot petulantly. “Then I want to be your partner like Paint was, not just your assistant and THAT’s not negotiable.”
Flickertail thought for a moment. “Alright, but only because you have proven yourself to be helpful and cooperative on several cases already, not because you just threw a tantrum.”
“It worked,” said G.G. under her breath, but Flickertail’s banana shaped ears heard her. “It won’t work, again,” he warned her.  “Adults work things out. You’ll find me reasonable and fair, if you come to me calmly with your concerns and problems.”
“You’re right. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again,” said G.G. sheepishly.
“Thank you. Shall we shake on that?”

G.G. grinned and shook her body from her head to her paws, while Flickertail chuckled.

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  1. Great to see G.G. partner with Flickertail, but good to see the cat won't get away with behaving like a child, ha!