Thursday, May 15, 2014


When we painted the bathroom ceiling, some of the paint spattered, unnoticed, in the tub and dried. It is really stuck there. It seems no matter how hard I scrub at it, it just stays stuck.

Life is sometimes like that. We make mistakes and we can’t seem to get beyond them to move forward. We remain stuck. We are filled with regrets about the past, about things we can’t change. Perhaps fear or guilt keeps us from moving on with our lives.

We need to love and forgive ourselves and to know that God loves and forgives us. We only need the courage to ask Him. It’s always been His plan for us to move forward.

I believe I will leave one tiny speck of paint to remind me, God does not want me to remain stuck.


  1. We still have paint on our wood floors and it will remain there. It reminds me of the hard work we put into building out new house.

    I posted this before, Mary, but I don't think it took.

    1. How exciting! I always wanted to build a house to reflect our personalities and needs but at our age that's unlikely to happen, unless I write and sell a lot more books. LOL

    2. Needless to say, I couldn't do it today.

  2. Nicely wise advice. I remember my son telling me that prayer mats always have one mistake woven into them, to remind the person praying that God knows we all make mistakes.

  3. That's interesting, Sheila. I didn't know that but I love the thinking behind it.