Thursday, November 29, 2012

Makeup Has Come a Long Way Since I Was a Kid

I was 16 in 1964, the first time I tried to wear makeup. My mom was of the opinion that "nice" women did not wear makeup so I applied it at school and tried to remember to wash it off before I got on the school bus to return home. One time I forgot to remove it. I realized my error when the first words out of my mom's mouth were, "Wash your face, you look like a whore. I could see you coming from a mile away." Mom had a real knack for exaggeration. The school bus stop was just down the street about a block away. Good thing I didn't say that out loud though. She would have washed my face and my mouth out for me. In retrospect, I have to admit she had a good point. Back then, makeup did nothing to enhance nature. It was more of a mask that covered nature up and in the hands of an inexperienced teenager, the results were pretty ugly and gaudy.

Today, makeup is fun and versatile. You can change your entire appearance with your moods and whims. Today, I can be bold. Tomorrow, I can look soft and romantic. The next day, I can take on a Gothic appearance, if I feel like it. That could start a few tongues in my neighborhood wagging. Grey hair and pushing 65 doesn't seem to work well with Goth.

I received a Bzz Kit from BzzAgent in Tuesday's mail. As a BzzAgent I receive products free in exchange for trying and reviewing the products.

I am having great fun with this campaign. It's from CoverGirl for Blastflipstick.  There are so many things to love about this lipstick. You get two colors in one tube. Yesterday, I blended the two colors together by putting the bold creamy color on the bottom and the soft, shimmery color over that. Loved the resulting color and look but what impressed me even more was that I applied it around 9 a.m. After eating, drinking, and even brushing my teeth after lunch the color was still going strong after 5 p.m.

This morning, I applied only the creamy bold color. I'm curious to see if the single layer lasts all day too. Tomorrow  I'll use the soft, shimmery color alone. I'm anticipating that one won't be as long lasting.

With 13 color combinations to choose from, you're sure to find one or more that are just right for you, no matter what mood you are in. I think my mother would approve.


  1. I like your story. I remember a birthday party where we all made each other up, but it felt like we were big kids playing with the little kids' face paints.

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