Monday, April 9, 2012

My Book Review of Quiet by Susan Cain

Susan Cain believes Introverts are undervalued in an extrovert dominated world. Her message is about balance and respect for both.

My neighbor is a retired nurse. At home, she tends to be somewhat introverted. We seldom have the kind of conversations referred to as small talk, neither of us being particularly good at it. She tells me when she put on the uniform she became an extrovert and able to speak to her patients about anything. 

Like me, she craves solitude to recharge.

At one point in her book Susan questions whether introversion is a result of nurture or nature. Later she poses the possibility that it doesn’t really matter. What matters more, she feels, is what the individual is comfortable with.

As a writer, I am most comfortable when working with as few distractions as possible. I find a ringing telephone or even the background noise of a radio, irritating. Unfortunately, I am uncomfortable with promoting myself and my books, especially face to face. I tend to spend 95% of my promotional time online. Also unfortunately, there are times when I need to speak to people about my books face to face. So sometimes, I have to force myself to play the role of an extrovert.

Although the author doesn’t seem to think the nature nurture aspect is all that important, I find myself fascinated by it. My early childhood was spent with foster parents who often stated, “Children are meant to be seen and not heard.”  Later, upon meeting some of my birth family, it seemed to me they were pretty extroverted.

My husband is also an introvert, yet he manages to do well in the traditionally extroverted career of sales. 

I found Quiet fascinating, informative, and self affirming. If you are an introvert, it will help you understand and accept who you are. If you have a spouse, friend, or child who is introverted, hopefully it will also help you celebrate and encourage them. It turns out being an introvert isn’t a bad thing, as long as you can also function as an extrovert when the situation calls for it.

I received this book free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. You have definitely intrigued me with this review.