Saturday, December 3, 2011

Flickertail & Paint, Private Investigators: A Christmas Caper

(Inspired by an old skit from the Johnny Carson Show)

"The clapper from our copper Christmas bell has been copped," cried the cleric when he called.

"Please don't cry." Flickertail and Paint tried to comfort him.

"We'll need your name," said Paint.

"Father Claude."

"What is the name of your church?"

"St. Clementine’s Cathedral in Cleveland."

"Have you called your local constabulary?"

The cops have all been called away on a clock crime.

"A clock crime!"

"Yes, the courthouse clock was clipped causing concern among the citizens."

"So a courthouse clock and the clapper from a copper Christmas bell have both been copped from Cleveland."

"Yes, in the courtyard," confirmed the inconsolable clergyman.

Could they have been clipped by the same crook or a couple of kleptomaniacs? Flickertail and Paint considered the caper and caught a cab to Cleveland to conduct the investigation.

Upon arriving at the Cleveland Courthouse and St. Clementine’s Cathedral they questioned a coach, a consultant, a columnist, a counselor, and a concierge. Concluding their questioning, they left the confined, colonnaded cloister when they were clobbered by a cloak clad clown carrying a cumbersome container, covered with a crimson cloth.

Quickly recovering consciousness, Paint clip clopped after the clown with Flickertail in close pursuit. The couple caught up to the clown just as he attempted to enter a concealed closet. Confiscating the container, they disclosed the copper clapper.

"I'm colorblind," complained the clown. "I thought it was a clarinet."

Although Flickertail and Paint concluded his story sounded concocted they agreed they would have to leave the conclusion of the case to the courts.

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  1. Sounds like the song should be in the key of C. Enjoyed this.