Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flickertail and Paint in the Case of the Mysterious Trapdoor

“Is that a trapdoor, Flickertail?”
Using his padded foot, Flickertail pushed the remaining straw away from the barn floor. “It certainly is, Paint.”
Flickertail maneuvered the handle with his split upper lip while Paint pounded at the door with his hooves to free it. Once opened, they both approached the opening cautiously. “The steps look large enough for us to grip safely, Paint.”
“Let’s see where they lead, then.”
“Better take a flashlight.” With his teeth, Flickertail pulled the magnetic flashlight off the metal cabinet and turned it on with his tongue.
At the bottom of the steps they discovered a long straight tunnel. They walked for about fifty feet before discovering another door.
“Where do you think we are, Flickertail?”
“Based on the direction we took, I’m guessing the house.”
When they opened the door they were in the basement of the house.
Flickertail stepped beyond the door. “I wonder if Tom and Mary know about the tunnel.”
Paint walked around to the other side of the opened door. “I’ll bet they don’t. Look.” Paint closed the door and Flickertail saw that the door was covered with faux fieldstone that effectively camouflaged the door making it look like part of the basement’s fieldstone foundation. “We should tell them, don’t you think?”
“Yes, but not yet.”
“Why not?”
“I’ll tell them after Thanksgiving. William, the turkey is getting worried and the tunnel will be a good place for him to hide until then.”
Later, William, the turkey confided in Flickertail and Paint. “I didn’t go to the tunnel looking for redemption but somehow I found it. I was saving my hide by hiding out in the tunnel over Thanksgiving but solitary confinement has made me contemplate my wild life of telling bad turkey jokes.” 
“Oh? Like what?”
“Why was the turkey arrested?
He was suspected of fowl play.
Why did the turkey join the band?
Because he had the drumsticks.
Why did the turkey cross the road?
It was the chicken’s day off.”
Flickertail & Paint gave thanks for not being turkeys on Thanksgiving.

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  1. Ah, those turkey jokes. But how can it be November? No way!