Monday, October 24, 2011

Name Origins of Months

I was looking through some of my old short stories and I came across one about an octagon house. It made me think, if octo is Latin for eight, why is October the 10th month. December should be the tenth month. Was there originally only 10 months?
I researched it and sure enough, the earliest Latin calendar was 10 months, beginning with March. September (septem=7) was the 7th month, October was the eighth, November (novem=9) was the 9th month and December was the tenth and last month. July was called Quintilis, meaning 5th and August was Sextilis, meaning 6th.
So now I have some more questions. Why and when was it decided 12 months would be better? How many days were in the 10 month year and how many days were in each month?

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  1. Ah, memories. I remember asking about this when I started learning Latin.