Friday, September 9, 2011

OXO Candela

I've been enjoying these rechargeable candles that I received through BzzAgent in exchange for my honest review. We recently redecorated our living room with more relaxing colors and the candelas add to the ambiance. We've also used them on our deck on some of these pleasant evenings. We won't be getting too many more evenings outside on the deck this year. Might as well enjoy them while we can. Even when it gets a bit breezy there are no worries about having to relight the candles. If a wind gust tips them over there is no safety hazard or melted wax.
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1 comment:

  1. These sound great my friend! Wish I had gotten some also from BzzAgent but I am being sent right now another Campaign as I speak. I'll send you a review when I get it.
    Anyway I might go ahead and buy some of those OXO Candela Glow Rechargeable lights!
    Super review by the way!