Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank you to everyone who has voted so far

I really appreciate all of the support you have shown me by taking the time to look at my aboutdotme page and voting for me. The contest runs until Sept. 20th so for those of you who haven't yet voted there is still plenty of time. You can also add your about.me page. If you do, be sure to let me know and I will vote for you too.

Here is an exchange I had with another person on FaceBook you may find informative.

"Nice page layout. Thinking about profiling our business there. Do you get a lot of traffic from there?'
Mary Russel "I signed up for it last year around Christmas but hadn't really done much to promote it. Then BzzAgent reminded me of it again with a new campaign. This contest should go a long way toward generating traffic and enticing new members. I like how you can add all of your social networking links, blog, and website in one place."
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  1. Good point about including all your links. I like the way some of your links open up what you're doing on twitter etc as well. I think I might try to change my page to do that.

    Many thanks for introducing me to aboutme.

    And hey! I managed to vote for you again!

  2. I went over and gave you a vote. I, too, signed up for the campaign and then pretty much forgot about it until recently. Your page looks awesome!
    I am having trouble trying to get all of the links in that I want to see on my page. I will click and check out your squidoo too. Not sure if I've been to any of your lenses yet?
    If you want to check out my about me page it's at http://about.me/marsha32

    See you around!

  3. Thank you, Sheila, Marsha, and Ruthi. I'm so sorry I didn't see this until today, Marsha but I just voted for your page and shared it on twitter and facebook.

  4. Just got back from vacation and realized voting's still open, so I've voted again.