Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OXO Candela Review (BzzAgent Campaign)

Most of my regular readers already know that I'm a Bzz Agent but anytime I review a product I get through a Bzz Agent campaign I am obligated to report that it came from Bzz Agent. So with that out of the way, here is my review of the OXO Candela.

I received my package in the mail yesterday afternoon. I can always tell when it comes from BzzAgent because the tape has cute BzzAgent Bees on it. My husband was home when it arrived so he opened the package while I was making supper. I got to watch him playing with the contents of my package and trying to figure out how everything works. I don't know if the product came with any instructions but it wouldn't have mattered. He wouldn't have read them anyway. Funny how different we are that way. I prefer to read everything over carefully so I don't risk breaking it by doing something wrong. He just plows ahead. Watching him made me nervous but it doesn't appear that he wrecked anything.

By trial and error, he figured out how to make the two candelas light up. They come with a plug-in charging base. He plugged in the base, put the candelas in it for less than a minute and they lit up, so he took them off the base and put them in the living room where we ate our supper. After about an hour, he decided there should be a way to turn them off and he figured out that he could do that by pressing on the bottom. He pronounced them weird looking but I like them.

I like the safety aspects. You get the soft, relaxing, romantic glow of a candle without the danger of a fire no matter where they are placed and how long they are on. If you have rambunctious pets or children, you don't need to worry about them getting tipped over and starting a fire.

I would like to see them offered in other colors and maybe some scented options. For those who don't like scents, this unscented version should also remain as a choice.

I plan to use them the next time I take an evening bath to add to a relaxing atmosphere.

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