Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excerpt from The Steamer Trunk

Just wanted to share a sneak peek at an excerpt from my rough draft of THE STEAMER TRUNK. It's still a work in progress and has a long way to go with lots of research still needed.

Chapter 1:-

A knock on the cabin door startled Heather out of her nap. “Who is it?”

“Cabin Steward; we dock in five minutes.”

“Thank you.”

As she threw cold water on her face from the sink in the tiny bathroom, she remembered the jokes she had heard about ship’s cramped cabins and lavatory facilities. She wouldn’t miss the lack of stretching room in both.

The large, awkward trunk she was struggling to maneuver out the door had only helped to make the space more confining. The villagers would be surprised by what was inside it.

Almost one hundred years before, her great great grandfather had traveled these same waters to bring it to the newly founded village but he had had dysentery. He, his wife, and infant son had been dropped off at one of the ports along the way to seek treatment for him. He had died of the dysentery at the age of 25.

She smiled as she thought about how astonished the people would be to see her and the contents of the trunk when she presented it at their centennial celebration.

When Heather and her trunk touched shore, she assessed her immediate surroundings. Directly ahead of her were a restaurant and a gift shop. To the left was a car rental place and to the right was her hotel. She decided to go to the hotel first so she could unpack the trunk and make arrangements to secure the carefully wrapped item.


  1. Thank you for your feedback, Ruthi. I hoped it would be compelling.

  2. Ah, I'm still wondering what's in that trunk. Sounds good.