Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mongrel Christian Mathematician by Sheila Deeth

Mongrel Christian Mathematician: Seven poetry collections in one, including 16--poems of a 16-year-old, After the Fall--poetry of faith and science, and Patriot Son--poems from the mother of a soldier.

It was fascinating to read Sheila's first 16 poems in this book written as a 16-year-old and to compare them to her writing today. I don't think I would have known she was only 16 when she wrote them if she hadn't mentioned it. Even then she was a talented and perceptive poet.

I love the way she groups her poems around a theme.

If you asked me which poems I liked best, I would be hard pressed to answer. Her "Patriot Son" poems touched me. I found many of her "Logical" poems amusing. The "After the Fall" poems were powerful. the Seasonal poems were filled with descriptions of beauty, sadness, humor, and realism.

Thank you Sheila Deeth for sharing your amazing mind and talent.


  1. Thank you Mary. It's a lovely review, and an unexpected surprise. I'm so glad you liked it.

  2. Nice job on the review. I love Sheila's title and cover, also.