Thursday, March 10, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt with Flickertail, the Llama & Paint, the Horse

I'm in a good mood today. The sun is shining. It didn't snow overnight. Life is good. I thought I would share an excerpt from Flickertail & Paint. I hope you will enjoy it and that it will put you in a good mood if you aren't already.

“What’s wrong, Krissy?” Paint asked the little girl who was crying.
“Someone stole my bike.”
“Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear that. Would your dad buy you another one?”
“He said he can’t.”
“Maybe Flickertail and I can help find it.”
“Mommy found it in the ditch by our house. The wheels are gone and the bike is all broken. Daddy said it can’t be fixed.”
“Krissy, time to eat,” her mom called.
“Gotta go.”
“Enjoy your meal.”
“Yeah, it’s probably just that yucky noodle soup again.”
Paint found Flickertail in the barn. “What’s up with the Nelsons?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, Krissy’s bike’s been stolen and her dad told her he can’t buy her another one. Krissy said her mom is feeding them “yucky soup.” I heard that she’s a great cook.”
“Oh, Mr. Nelson lost his business about a month ago.”
“How do you lose a business? Maybe we can help him find it.”
“No. It’s not that kind of lost. Mary said he went bankrupt.”
“What’s bankrupt?”
“Something to do with not being able to pay your debts.”
“Maybe we could give him some of our hay to pay his debts with.”
“People have to have money to do that.”
“Oh, so how can we help them?”
“I heard Mary talking about an Easter egg hunt in the shopping mall. The eggs are plastic and the mall merchants put prizes or candy in the eggs. Some of the prizes are free coupons for items they sell in their stores. Maybe we could give the Nelson’s whatever we find.”
“That’s a great idea.”
So Flickertail and Paint went to the Easter egg hunt at the mall.
Together they found a dozen plastic eggs in assorted sizes. The smallest ones contained a few jellybeans, small amounts of change, goldfish crackers, or Hershey's kisses.
Inside the medium size plastic eggs they found lifesavers, miniature candy bars, or small birthday favors.
The large size of plastic eggs had individually wrapped peanut butter eggs, smaller little Debbie snacks, suckers, or chex mix.
“Well, maybe this will make Krissy feel a little better, even though it isn’t going to help the Nelson’s much,” Flickertail said.
“Look over there,” said Paint, “in that tree. I think I can reach that high.”
Paint and Flickertail walked over to the tree where a gold colored egg was hidden on a higher branch. Paint stretched as far as she could but she couldn’t quite reach it.
“I have a longer neck than you do. Let me try.”
“Neither of us is quite tall enough.”
Just as they were about to give up, Flickertail noticed G.G., the cat and called her over. “Will you do us a favor?”
“If I can. What do you need?”
Paint quickly explained the Nelson’s situation with G.G. “You are really good at climbing. Can you climb up there and get it for us?”
“Piece of cake,” G.G. said.
“Let’s hope there’s more in that egg than that,” said Flickertail.
“I’ll keep my paws crossed,” said G.G. “after I bring the egg down. I can’t climb with crossed paws.”
G.G. really was a great climber and had no problem reaching the egg. “Oh no,” she said when she reached it.
“What’s wrong?” Flickertail and Paint asked in unison.
“It’s too big to fit in my mouth. I can’t pick it up to bring it down.”
“Can you knock it down with your paw?”
“Sure, but it might roll away and get lost or it could shatter and break whatever is inside.”
“Roll it gently to the bottom of the branch so I can catch it,” said Flickertail.
“Slower,” said Paint. “You almost lost it.”
“Mmmm,” mumbled Flickertail.”
“What did you say?”asked G.G.
“I said, I got it,” said Flickertail spitting it onto the ground by Paint’s front feet.
“Hooray! We make a great team.”
G.G. scampered down the tree. “Open it, open it!”
“It’s just a piece of paper,” said Paint.
“It looks like it says something. Unfold it, carefully,” said Flickertail.
“Let me, I have smaller paws. Less chance of ripping it,” offered G.G.
“Oh, wow! It’s a $500 shopping spree good for any or all of the stores in the mall,” she read.
“You realize that’s the 13th egg we found, don’t you?” Paint said.
“Guess 13 is a lucky number for the three of us,” laughed G.G.
“And for the Nelson’s,” said Flickertail.

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