Thursday, February 24, 2011

More on Coco

On Monday, I posted that we were going to be taking Coco to the vet. I fully expected that to be the last time we would see him alive. He had a large sore on his tongue, preventing him from eating or drinking. He had difficulty breathing, and he could barely stand up. My husband had to carry him every time he took him outside. The vet listened to everything we had to say concerning Coco's health issues, took notes, and did a thorough inspection. We asked if perhaps Coco had bit his tongue. The vet said he thought it looked more like a tumor, possibly caused by failing kidneys and that there might be more in his throat where he couldn't see them. He also mentioned that his teeth were really bad. He drew a vial of blood and told us to take Coco home to wait for the results.

About an hour later the phone rang and he told us that Coco's kidneys were not good. He gave us some options and we discussed them overnight. After much agonizing, we decided the kindest thing would be to say our goodbyes and take Coco to the vet on my husband's next day off which was yesterday.

I took Coco and Cookie outside around 4:30 Tuesday night. The guy next door came home just then and Coco ran to the fence, between our yards, barking. He's eating and drinking again and I can no longer see a sore on his tongue.

This morning, my husband got the leash to take Cookie for a walk and Coco got up and stood by the door. It was obvious, he wanted to go along. Hubby said he was actually trotting.

If the vet hadn't convinced us to wait for the results of the blood test, we wouldn't have Coco with us now.

We have no idea why Coco is doing better now. The only explanation we have been able to come up with is the power of prayer. We know that at 15 or over, he is living on borrowed time but for some reason he has been spared for now anyway. Thank you, God.


  1. Wow! May Coco continue to borrow good times, and may every day be a blessing, however many they be. Thank you so much for sharing this

  2. Thanks, Sheila. We couldn't believe how he bounced back. I don't know how much longer we will have him but we will thank God for every borrowed day.