Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Super Bowl, According to Dogs

“What a boring football game! Lots of goodies on the coffee table. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’
“I’m thinking of snatching that sausage and running for a touch down.”
“OK, go for it and I’ll block for you to stall them. “
“I’ll grab it when they least expect it.”
“Quick, they’re preoccupied right now by the Budweiser ad.”
“Oh, no, she saw you grab it. Look out, he‘s trying to tackle you.  Don’t worry. I’ve got your back. Head for the kitchen and save half for me.”
“Oh, was I supposed to share?”
“Brat! Next time you block.”

I wrote this drabble (100 word story) a couple of years ago and thought I would post it since the Super Bowl is only one week away. You can also find this short story along with several other short stories about animals in my published book, "Flickertail & Paint, Barnyard Sleuths".


  1. Thanks, Fran. So glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Do you ever watch the Puppy Bowl on AnimalPlanet? This could be commentary for that show. Too cute!

  3. Thanks, Melanie. Yes, I have watched the Puppy Bowl. It always makes me laugh. Never thought of this little story as a commentary for that show. Now that you mention it though, I think it would be funny. Love the idea.