Monday, December 19, 2011

My Book Review of Finding Our Way Home by Charlene Ann Baumbich

Finding Our Way Home: A Novel (A Snowglobe Connections Novel)
From the back cover:
The road home can be daunting—and sometimes it takes a very capable girl on a bicycle to help find the way.

When principal ballerina Sasha Davis suffers a career-ending injury at age thirty-eight, she leaves her Boston-based dance company and retreats to the home of her youth in Minnesota. But Sasha’s injuries restrict her movement and her recently deceased mother’s absence haunts her. Since she can’t recover alone, she is forced to hire a temporary live-in aide.

Enter the ├╝bercapable Evelyn Burt. As large-boned as Sasha is tiny, Evelyn is her employer’s opposite in every way. Small town to Sasha’s urban chic, outgoing warmth to Sasha’s aloof iciness, and idealistic where Sasha is hopeless, nineteen-year-old Evelyn is newly engaged and sees the world as one big, shiny opportunity.

My Review:
Divine Appointments was the first book I read by Charlene Baumbich which also featured a snow globe serving as a fortune teller. While it is a creative element in telling a story, I did find the use of the snow globe a bit disconcerting in both of these otherwise realistic portrayals of characters and plot.
However, I still enjoyed the novel.
Sasha is mired in self pity and on the verge of depression when Evelyn fortuitously enters her life and turns it upside right again. Don’t get the idea that Evelyn is Polyanna, though. She has plenty of her own problems and struggles to deal with.
It was fascinating to read how two very strong women in their own ways interacted and reached out to each other.
It reinforced my belief that God places the right people at the right time and the right place in our lives.
The release date for this book is March, 2012.
I received this book free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I received this book free, in exchange for my honest review.

When it arrived, I sat down and read it in one sitting. I didn’t want to
put it down.

The characters are well developed. I either loved them or hated them.

The king and his spoiled son are not pleased by the birth of a purple
dragon. Prince Barth wants it killed because of it color so Charles ties to
save it by kidnapping it and taking it somewhere safe where he can train
it. As a result, the King arrests Charles’ father and throws him in the
dungeon. Charles must hatch a plan to save his father before he is
executed. Will Hero, the dragon live up to his name and will Charles be
able to execute his plan to save his father before he is executed but still
keep himself and Hero alive?

THE PURPLE DRAGON is fast paced, with plenty of suspense and action.
Readers will find themselves routing for Charles and Hero to succeed in
saving Lothar, Charles’ father.

It was probably unintentional on the author’s part but I found myself
comparing and contrasting the king to various modern day dictators.

A fun read for children and adults who are young at heart.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Book trailer & Chapter 1 excerpt for The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall

Do you enjoy Amish romance and heartwarming Christmas stories? If so this book is for you.

Book trailer for The Christmas Singing by Cindy Woodsmall

The Christmas Singing Chapter 1 excerpt

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Floyd the Dog's FREE Story of the Month Club

If you sign up for Floyd the Dog's story of the month club in Dec 2011 you will be sent my Christmas story.

 INVITATION TO JOIN (from Floyd the Dog's site.)

Each month (and on Special Occasions) a story is e-mailed to every member of the Story Club.

The author of the story, usually the Competition Winner, gets to choose the Charity of the Month. Floyd sends a donation to that Charity. The size of the donation is directly linked to the number of Members in the Club. More Members mean a bigger Donation.

Please join the Story Club. You get an immediate story to read, and at least one other story every month. It costs nothing and it does help animals.



Flickertail & Paint, Private Investigators: A Christmas Caper

(Inspired by an old skit from the Johnny Carson Show)

"The clapper from our copper Christmas bell has been copped," cried the cleric when he called.

"Please don't cry." Flickertail and Paint tried to comfort him.

"We'll need your name," said Paint.

"Father Claude."

"What is the name of your church?"

"St. Clementine’s Cathedral in Cleveland."

"Have you called your local constabulary?"

The cops have all been called away on a clock crime.

"A clock crime!"

"Yes, the courthouse clock was clipped causing concern among the citizens."

"So a courthouse clock and the clapper from a copper Christmas bell have both been copped from Cleveland."

"Yes, in the courtyard," confirmed the inconsolable clergyman.

Could they have been clipped by the same crook or a couple of kleptomaniacs? Flickertail and Paint considered the caper and caught a cab to Cleveland to conduct the investigation.

Upon arriving at the Cleveland Courthouse and St. Clementine’s Cathedral they questioned a coach, a consultant, a columnist, a counselor, and a concierge. Concluding their questioning, they left the confined, colonnaded cloister when they were clobbered by a cloak clad clown carrying a cumbersome container, covered with a crimson cloth.

Quickly recovering consciousness, Paint clip clopped after the clown with Flickertail in close pursuit. The couple caught up to the clown just as he attempted to enter a concealed closet. Confiscating the container, they disclosed the copper clapper.

"I'm colorblind," complained the clown. "I thought it was a clarinet."

Although Flickertail and Paint concluded his story sounded concocted they agreed they would have to leave the conclusion of the case to the courts.

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Christmas Stories published in an ezine and a animal charity support website

I've recently been informed that one of my short stories starring Flickertail the llama & Paint the horse has been accepted for publication on , a literary e-zine and another short story, also starring Flickertail & Paint will be published on, a supporter of animal charities.

Floyd the Dog authors are allowed to name an animal charity of their choice and Floyd the Dog sends them a generous donation. I have chosen the Fond du Lac Humane Society for my charity. We have adopted three dogs from them since 1987.

My short stories will appear in December's editions of these publications.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Exercise in Character Development

I wrote this while trying to get into the mind of one of my characters for my novel in progress.

While driving through a neighborhood, I noticed an empty soup can in a window. I smiled wryly, remembering our all-clear signal from a lifetime ago. I wondered if the tenant was placing herself in the same untenable situation. 

After I moved away, you called once but I had grown up and learned how to say no. I never heard from you, afterward.

Recently, a mutual friend and confidante informed me I would never again get the chance to tell you yes or no. 

Hazy memories can be lovely.
Our reality wasn’t.