Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo is so fun & easy to use

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I received my Dymo LabelWriter 450 Duo from BzzAgent yesterday and I found it easy to setup. The software is fun and easy to use. It is going to be so convenient to be able to print one or many labels at once and I just love that I never have to buy any expensive ink.

The labels are available in a wide variety of sizes and can be used in so many ways. I have already printed up address labels for envelopes and shipping labels for packages.

i am looking forward to also making my own bookplates for customers who purchase my books on sites other than my website.

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  1. Sounds fun, and streets ahead of the old Dymo my Dad got for Christmas once.

  2. Hi!Your works are great! Keep the good work going! Will be glad to have some of them in the future!
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