Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flickertail and Paint in the Weeping Willow

Sequoia sempervirens in Redwood National ParkImage via Wikipedia

Flickertail the Llama and Paint the Horse were watching TV when they saw an ad for an auto insurance company. It talked about a driver hitting a tree and mentioned how to get information from the other driver.
“I’m blaming the tree,” said Flickertail. “It should have barked out a warning.”
“At the very least, it should have planted itself in a different location,” agreed Paint.
“What kind of a vehicle do you suppose the tree was driving?”
“I don’t know but it had a trunk.”
“Maybe it was a Subaru Forester.”
“I’ll bet the other driver was a Forest Ranger.”
“It did happen in a National Forest Park.”
“Do you think the tree suffered from any broken limbs?”
“I think the tree should be charged with inattentive standing.”
“The tree was ticketed with paper from a former cousin who happened to be hit on Woodlawn Drive.”
“I guess the driver couldn’t see the forest for the tree.”
“I hope the tree told the other driver to leaf it alone.”

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