Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Purpose of Rudolph, a Child's Love Story

We are all the sum of our past experiences. Although fictionalized, Rudolph, a Child's Love Story was written as therapy and as an effort to make sense of an unhappy childhood. I needed to put my past behind me and to move on.

As I wrote it, some wonderful things happened. I realized that children who felt unwanted, unloved, and unaccepted might benefit from it. Perhaps, through my words, they too would discover the power of knowing they are worthy of love and happiness.

Perhaps, I could help to heal the hurt and stop the pain. Perhaps, like me, they would also begin to understand and forgive.

Rudolph, a Child's Love Story will be available soon.


  1. Mary, I have always thought things happen for a reason, and I think you do a wonderful job of making sure the reason for your own experiences is ultimately to make a positive difference. I have complete faith in your ability to do that.

  2. Back at you, Julie. Your book "Worthy" will accomplish the same objectives.

  3. A wonderful reason to write, and I know it's a lovely book.