Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Peaceful Death

She died in her sleep last night, leaving a grieving husband to explain to friends and family that she died peacefully.


A small child stood in the middle of a vast empty room. A robot appeared suddenly and started chasing her. Terrified, she looked for a way to escape and saw 100 previously unnoticed doors. She ran frantically to the closest door and another robot entered the room. With each door she opened, she released yet another robot, until the room was filled with robots each trying to grab her. Her screams awoke her.

It was the first of a lifetime of nightmares some remembered, some best forgotten, each vivid, colorful and frightening. Beloved pets morphed into demons. Trusted and loved people tried to kill her. She dreamt the usual dreams of flying and falling. But for every nightmare she woke before harm befell her.

Last night she never woke up.


  1. I am so wondering what this is about Mary! It is just so very sad. I do wish to read more of these nightmares because as I child and then adult I too have experienced these. The words are very powerful my friend!

  2. Just fiction, Deb. I also have a lot of very vivid nightmares. Although they frighten me, they do inspire my writing.

    This was written because I have often wondered what would happen if I was killed in my dream. Would I die in reality?

  3. Fascinating and scary. I've wondered that sometimes too.