Sunday, September 26, 2010

Flickertail & Paint in the New Shoes

Today the world's most widely available shoe: ...Image via Wikipedia
“I need to buy two pairs of shoes,” Flickertail, the Llama said to Paint, the Horse. “Maybe they will help to motivate me to get some exercise. My llama wool suit is getting a bit tight."

Paint looked at him skeptically. “Loafers or work boots?”
“I thought I’d get some athletic shoes.”
Flickertail went to an old fashioned shoe store, where the clerk fit him for the right size and neatly tied the laces for him. Satisfied with how they looked and felt, Flickertail paid for them and left still wearing the shoes. 
He proceeded with the rest of the day as he normally did, at his desk on the computer.
At the end of the day he prepared for bed but when it came time to remove his shoes he could not reach over his protruding stomach to untie the laces.
“Sit down,” said Paint.  “I’ll untie them for you. You do realize that you will actually have to be athletic, right?  They’re not called athletic shoes because they do all of the work.”
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  1. Cute story. Interesting links... How did you do that?

  2. I remember this one... and still love it.

  3. Thanks Julie.

    Sheila, I linked to the articles through I'll have to check how I did the intext links. That's also done automatically.

  4. The in-text links are also done with Zemanta.

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