Thursday, September 16, 2010

Save on Rudolph, a Child's Love Story

Did you get a load of that price on Rudolph? Yikes!!! Outrageous for a soft cover. But never fear. I have managed to grab up a great promotional price on it. When the books arrive here I will be offering them on my website for $9.95 plus $3 shipping for a total of $12.95

I'm so excited that it will be available in time for the Christmas season.


  1. That's great Mary. Yes, I was a bit startled when I saw the price they'd put on it!

    I (finally) bought a copy of Murder in the Wind from Second Wind (it's got one of my stories in it), so my finances are a bit strained, but I'll hope to read this in book (rather than gather) form sometime.

  2. I know what you mean about strained finances. I haven't been able to buy any of my friends' books. It's scary having money tied up in these before they are sold too but the price on PA isn't conducive to selling them there.

    I'm anticipating that I won't get these for about 6 weeks anyway.