Friday, July 16, 2010

Speech for Writers’ Group

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This is an outline of the speech topics I plan to cover for the Fond du Lac Writer's Group next month.

How I got started as a writer

Grade school poem submitted to Highlights by an English teacher.

Dabbled in poems and short stories for fun

Degree from UWO in Journalism. Public Relations/Advertising

Free lance writer of business and dog articles for online companies

Wrote resumes, ad copy, & website content

Entered First Chapters contest on (motivated me to finish a book I had started)

Book had been started 10 years prior to try to make sense of my childhood
Revised it as a children’s book “Rudolph, a Child’s Love Story”

Camaraderie of other writers on Gather encouraged and motivated me to improve my skills

Some Publishing Options

Article publishers
Self Publishing AKA Vanity Press

POD (Print on Demand) Publishers

Traditional Main Stream Publishing

How I Promote My Books



Zazzle products

Pin for hat or shirt

Vinyl lettering for car window

Writing more books

Press release

Media kit

Book readings/signings

An interesting comment on my book cover
An attractive and lively cover,
with just the right measure of
organic green and noble blue
the lettering style adds
imaginative flair
like curvilinear thoughts
wrapped around
living history
embellished by
vibrant visuals
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