Monday, June 28, 2010

Wagging Tales – by Floyd the Dog – Book Review

Wagging Tales written by Floyd the Dog and illustrated by Jacqueline Fahey Weichman is the second book of Floyd’s Tales.
In this book, I watched Floyd mature into a skilled liaison between quarreling packs to prevent a Pack War and to convince his Pack and the Aristocrats to forgive an old misunderstanding. I applauded as Floyd helped them all learn to live together in Peace and Harmony.
Floyd’s compassion and resourcefulness is obvious as he continues to guide his friends through just about every imaginable problem life throws at them. His help and encouragement empowers them.
We could all use a Floyd in our lives.
All of Floyd’s books are available at Floyd the Dog's website.


  1. Floyd sounds a lovable boy. A protector and friend.
    Dogs have such personalities....
    They smile and talk, at least my little boy tries...and he competely runs the house.
    Congratulations on all of your wins above.

  2. I love dogs too! My two babies also rule in this house. LOL

    Thanks for the congrats!