Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cozy Mysteries AKA Cozies

Yesterday, I was looking on line for mystery book reviews and I stumbled upon the sub-genre of Cozy Mysteries. Naturally, I had to research the term. I was delighted to learn my mysteries fall under that category. Now I know how to market them.

For those of you who, like me, were big fans of Jessica Fletcher in “Murder She Wrote”, you may find it interesting to note the series is now being referred to as a Cozy Mystery series.

With no graphic violence, profanity, or sex, I thought I was just writing murder mysteries that were safe for children to read. Cozy mysteries usually take place in a small town with people who know their neighbors and just about everyone else. The main characters are likable. The crime, or murder, generally takes place behind the scenes, shielding the reader from the blood and guts. The case is usually solved by an amateur detective, as the main character, or one of the main characters. The plot is fast paced with lots of twists and turns.

How exciting and fun to discover there is a fan base for Cozy Mysteries! I hope my Sleuth & Scribe series will appeal to some of those fans.


  1. If your Sleuth and Scribe series are what I think they are, they would definitely fall under "cosies." Looking forward to seeing them there.

  2. Thank you Sheila. They are the ones with Mike (sleuth), Alice (scribe),& Deke (dog) as the main characters. I'm so glad you agree they are cozies. It's always great to have your input and expertise as a book reviewer.