Monday, June 28, 2010

Book Review - Puppy Dog Tales by Floyd the Dog

The first book of Floyd’s Tales, Puppy Dog Tales is a charming book that your children or the child in you will love. It’s about a dog that must make it on his own by learning how to get along with humans, other dogs and animals, and how to overcome adversity. As he grows from puppy to adult he learns good manners, how to help others, how to make friends, how to adapt, and the skills to make himself useful. The Pack teaches him the history of dogs, the geography of their territory, the principles of good behavior, how to defend himself, healthy living and eating, and the Laws of the Pack.
The Laws of the Pack would be good laws for all of us to learn.
1. Obey the Top Dog
2. Respect the senior dogs
3. Put the Pack first
4. Never fight
5. Never steal
6. Work hard
7. Protect the weak
8. Educate the young
It ends in a celebration of his acceptance into the pack as an adult dog in good standing.
Puppy Dog Tales is delightfully illustrated by Karen Johnson.
You can get this book and Floyd’s other books at Floyd's website.


  1. Yes, I believe many humans could learn by those rules..LOL
    Shame they don't.
    God bless you.

  2. God's blessings on you too, Mary!