Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 5th of July with Flickertail & Paint

Paint the horse called Flickertail the llama. “Did you do anything special yesterday?”
“No, just hung around here relaxing. The humans had a cookout and Mary made me a special treat of apples, raisins, and oats. They had something called bratwurst. Smelled awful.”
“Sounds awful. Not much of a selling point.”
“I know. You’d think they’d call it bratbest or at least bratgood.”
“Maybe it has something to do with that truth in advertising law.”
“Yeah, maybe. Anything exciting happen there yesterday?”
“Some kid thought it would be funny to throw a lit firecracker down the old abandoned well. I was grateful that he didn’t think of my stall. Speaking of that, Norma said that I’ve been gone so much that some deer has been checking out the digs. She thinks it might want to move in.”
“Don’t worry. Norma wouldn’t let it do that.”
“I’m not so sure. Norma and Donald have been complaining about the price of gas. They might just decide to rent out my stall for gas money.”
“Well, if it gets too bad, they can always ride you into town or have you pull some kind of contraption that they can ride in. They couldn’t do that with a deer.”
“Never thought of that. I’d better start reminding them of how indispensable I am.”
“Yeah, I’m not worried about that as long as they keep making stuff with my wool. I’ll start to worry though if I start hearing them discuss llama meat.”

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