Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

 This is a tribute to my foster mother who died a little over two years ago.

Mother by Love
When we met my heart was barricaded. Love had betrayed me too many times to risk it again so I sought comfort in the characters of the stories that I read. I would have imprisoned myself in my own little world of fiction if it hadn’t been for your patience, persistence, and love.
You knew what was good for me and what to do to help me to find it even as I fought you. You forced me to face life, and to relate to people. It was a long hard journey but you taught me little by little to learn to trust and love again by treating others with the kindness that I longed for.
It couldn’t have been easy to love someone as prickly as I was but you never made me feel like you didn’t.
But that was your way; you treated everyone like that.
I remember the abandoned, terrified dog that hung around the cottage. When everyone else was afraid to approach him, you put out food everyday until little by little he learned to trust you. Each day he would move a bit closer to you until one day you managed to pet him. He licked your hand and melted into your arms. You loved him and he loved you until the day he died.
Everyone and everything you touched thrived under your tender, loving, kindness.
Thank you for breaking through that barricade to help me to love again.
I love you and I miss you.


  1. What a beautiful tribute. And a lovely title too - truly your Mother by Love.

  2. Such a beautiful, sweet, and wonderful tribute to your stepmother my dear friend!!! And I echo as Sheila said too! I try to be a good person too and you are wonderful as a writer and a friend!!! Love ya dear friend! Deb

  3. Sorry, I meant your "foster mother" who I believe that God surely put in your life!

  4. {{{{Hugs}}}}

    Lovely tribute, Marge!

  5. What a wondferful loving caring lady. She took the time to reach out a helping hand, she gave her time. So beautiful and special. Thank you for sharing this.