Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentine’s Gift for Paint

It was almost Valentine’s Day. “What can I give Paint to show her how much her friendship means to me?” Flickertail, the llama wondered.

He thought about all of the beautiful times they had shared together in the past few years they had been partners in their detective firm. Not only did they work together well as a team in solving cases but they had become good friends. She had even helped him find his mother in time to celebrate last Mother’s Day.

He remembered the times Paint had come to visit. The horse always brightened the old barn up when she was there. What was it that made their times together so special? He just couldn’t put his two-toed foot on it.

He went out to the pasture where they had spent many hours relaxing and discussing cases. He closed his eyes, picturing them kicking back under the apple tree. Was it the fresh air? No, they had fresh air every where. It was something more than that. As he watched the two of them in his mind, it suddenly occurred to him. He saw himself reaching up, choosing two of the best looking apples and offering her one. Of course, it was the apples! Good food always adds to any occasion when great friends get together.

He would send Paint apples, he decided. He called an orchard close to her home and made arrangements to have apples delivered for Valentine’s Day. But he still wasn’t satisfied. That will only make her think of our friendship for a few days. What can I give her that will last longer? Perhaps a lifetime. Ah, I have it. She has no apple tree in her pasture. He picked up the phone once again to order a tree from the garden center near her.

Now when he visited her they could enjoy an apple tree in both places and they could nurture this one together.

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  1. I love this story - love his concern for what she likes, and his recognition of how to give more.