Sunday, February 28, 2010

OH NUTS with Flickertail & Paint

Paint, the Horse snuck up on Flickertail, the llama. “Boo.”

Flickertail jumped.

“What are you so engrossed in? A herd of elephants could have snuck up on you.”

“I’m watching the drama on the high wire.”

Paint shook her head. “I don’t understand.”

“Up there.” Flickertail pointed with his nose.

“What? All I see are squirrels on the telephone wires.”

“Right, it’s like a one lane racetrack up there. It started out with two squirrels trying to beat each other to get to who knows where for who knows why. They are like some people I know. They are always in such a hurry for no apparent reason.”

Paint laughed. ‘Wonder what happens if they meet another squirrel head on who is in just as much of a hurry.”

“Oops!” Flickertail chuckled. ‘It’s not like they can pull over. It reminds me of the Death Road we traveled in Bolivia.”

“Oh, look! Question answered. Someone jumps into the trees or onto a roof.”

“Hmmm, wonder what they do if there is no safe place to jump.”

“Maybe that’s why flying squirrels were created.”

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  1. Marge, I do enjoy your Flickertail and Paint stories so much. For children, I think they are very good. There's always some common sense that becomes obvious for one thing, and the characters are very believable and grounded. I do hope to read more. More than that, I hope to be able to get this comment to post. Lynn