Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flickertail & Paint in the Pigtail Caper

The Hairy Hogs were jealous of Wilma's Pigtails and had been planning to steal them for sometime now. "Tonight is the night," Head Hog chortled.

While Wilma soundly slept they clipped one pigtail but just as they were about to cut the other she rolled over onto it. Not wanting to risk awakening her they decided to wait for another opportunity.

They high tailed it out of there before she awoke completely just in time to hear her scream as she looked in the mirror.

Running in the snow was difficult and as one of them tripped and fell into the others the pigtail was dropped in the snow leaving a track. They quickly ran into the surrounding woods to hide when Peggy Pig noticed a Flying Cow from the Super Speedy Flying Cow Delivery Service overhead. "Can you fly this to our secret island in the Bahamas?" "Of course, it'll be there first thing tomorrow morning," promised the cow.

"You idiot," snorted Head Hog. "She's employed by Wilma."

"I thought the Flying Cows were independent cowtractors," said Peggy Pig.

As Carla Cow flew with the precious pigtail she passed over Rita's Bull with the cell phone in his ear. Carla accidentally dropped the pigtail without realizing that she did so. The pigtail attached itself to the cell phone's antenna. Billy Bull shook and shook his head but could not dislodge the pigtail.

Meanwhile Flickertail and Paint had been called to solve the case of the missing pigtail and had discovered the pigtail track and pig hoof tracks. "The hoof tracks backtrack here," Paint pointed out.

"Why do you supposed they stopped there and turned around? Maybe the pigs hid the pigtail in the tree there." Flickertail searched the tree while Paint pawed at the ground.

Carla Cow returned while they were searching. "What are you looking for?"

"Wilma's Pigtail has been snatched," they explained.

"I know, I have it right here." Carla's triumphant look quickly turned to concern as she realized she no longer had the pigtail. "Oh no, I must have dropped it somewhere."

"Draw us a map of your route."

Flickertail & Paint asked everyone they saw along the route if anyone had spied an erstwhile pigtail but nobody had. Eventually they made their way to Billy Bull where they couldn't miss the pigtail still hanging from his cell phone. After they explained the situation to Billy, he cheerfully parted with the pigtail.

Flickertail and Paint proceeded to Wilma's where they returned the pigtail only to discover that Wilma had decided to cut off her other pigtail so that her hair wouldn't look lopsided.

Being a compassionate person, she donated both pigtails to tailless pigs.

Flickertail and Paint had the Hairy Hogs arrested and Peggy Pig squealed on her cohorts.

After Wilma saw how lovely she looked in her new shorter hairstyle she decided not to press charges.