Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flickertail & Paint Have a Garage Sale

“Mary and Tom mentioned going to a yard sale today,” said Flickertail, the llama.
“Why would anyone sell their yard? How would you get it home?” asked Paint, the horse.
“No, it’s supposed to be a way of getting stuff you want or need at bargain prices and for people to get rid of stuff they no longer want.”
“Sounds like a great idea. We should have a barnyard sale.”
“OK. I have some llama beans for fertilizer. Phewww, I’ll be glad to get rid of that. We can sell it at bargain prices.”
“Here’s some old straw hats. You don’t need those, do you?”
“No, put 10 cents on each of them.”
“What about these pitch forks, shovels, tack, and blankets?”
“We’d better not sell any of those. Mary might get mad. She still uses them.”
“You’ve been talking about wanting a new laptop. This would be a good chance to sell your old one.”
“Right. Put a hundred on that.”
“What about this hideous and itchy horsehair couch? Furniture should never be covered in horsehair. It belongs on horses.”
“I never did like that thing. Mary must not like it either since she stuck it out here. We’ll put $50 on it. Oh here’s some llama wool sweaters, coats, scarves, blankets, toys, and other stuff Mary’s been meaning to sell. We can help her out with those.”
When they had everything priced and displayed in the barnyard they put up a sign.
By noon they had only sold one straw hat for a nickel and G.G., the cat had borrowed $20 from Flickertail to go to the sale down the road.
They broke for lunch in the barn and put William, the turkey in charge of the sale. When they entered the barn there were strangers in the tack room trying on the llama wool clothing. Another stranger was drinking the last of the soda Mary and Tom stored in the barn’s refrigerator. Someone offered $500 for the used truck Mary had just bought for $5,000. Flickertail told him to go away.
When they finished their lunch and went back outside to relieve William, he was excited to tell them he had sold the shovel, pitchfork, feed, and hay for 50 cents. Horrified, Flickertail said “None of that was for sale.”
“Oh, I wondered why there were no price tags.”
At that point Paint noticed Mary’s new bicycle was missing and mentioned it to Flickertail. “Oh, William! PLEASE don’t tell me you sold Mary’s bike.”
“The neighbor kid is trying it out.”
About an hour later the neighbor’s husband from the garage sale down the road dropped by. “I’ll bet my wife would love that horsehair couch. I’ll give you $15 for it.”
Discouraged by the slow sales, Flickertail said, “Sold!”
A half hour later the neighbor came back with the antique couch. “My wife hates it.”
“Sorry, all sales are final.”
The neighbor took the couch back home.
At the end of the day, Flickertail and Paint tallied the total sales at $16.
G.G. came back from the neighbor’s yard sale. “Look what I bought!” she said triumphantly as the neighbor pulled into the yard with his truck. He dropped off the horsehair couch. “And I only paid $20 for it!”


  1. Oh, that is so close to reality for some garage sales! I really did enjoy reading it, Mary!

  2. These stories are wonderful! When will you publish the book?

  3. It was supposed to have published this summer. Now I'm looking for another publisher. So I don't know how much longer it will be. I may have to resort to self publishing.

    So glad you are enjoying the stories.

  4. These are cute stories! And I really like the photos. Are they your animals?

  5. Flickertail was our llama several years ago. My stories are a tribute to him. I still miss him.

    Paint belongs to an online friend.

  6. What a wonderful story and a delight to read. Thank you. Becky

  7. Dropping back to find another story. These are lovely to read and reread.

  8. Love these stories! More please! :o)

  9. Thanks Sheila and Preemie. Hope to add more soon.

  10. Well, that's interesting. Somehow I am signed in as my hubby. Wonder what happened there. LOL